Bioloska proizvodnja



Founded in Subotica in 1921, Veterinarski Zavod Subotica is currently the only veterinary biologicals and leading veterinary pharmaceuticals manufacturer in Serbia.

Manufacturing high quality, effective and safe veterinary biological and pharmaceutical products is the core activity of the company. Since 2019, Veterinarski Zavod Subotica has been a part of the Spanish group LABIANA, one of the largest veterinary injectables and contract manufacturing pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

Leading Position

Veterinarski Zavod Subotica is the leader on the veterinary biological and pharmaceutical market of Serbia and in the whole Balkan peninsula. Taking up a large portion of the total market share of veterinary biological and pharmaceutical products, we are at the same time the largest Serbian exporter of animal health products.

In addition to researching and developing modern veterinary biological and pharmaceutical products, the company is committed to permanent progress in different areas of activity, such as:

  • EU GMP manufacturing for animal health industry
  • Specializing in veterinary immunological products (biologicals)
  • Broad portfolio of veterinary pharmaceuticals with wide range of pharmaceutical forms
  • Supportive products for animal health industry – disinfectants, rodenticides and insecticides
  • Broad portfolio of nutritional products for animal health
  • Dermo-cosmetic products for human and animal use

Veterinarski Zavod Subotica pays special attention to sustainable operation, which is harmonised with the code of conduct in terms of social responsibility and respecting human rights.