Biologial production


Contract manufacturing

Veterinarski Zavod Subotica has the capacity and competence to manufacture for third parties biological products, vaccines, pharmaceuticals in sterile and non-sterile forms as well as various solid dosage forms in accordance with your needs. Our team offers its support in each phase of testing, development and production for products related to the biopharmaceutical industry. Upon the conclusion of a contract and definition of the customer’s requirements, our cooperation can be realized in different fields and activities:

  • Viral antigen production in cell cultures
  • Viral antigen production in embryonated eggs
  • Bacterial antigen production
  • Vaccine and pharmaceutical formulation
  • Pilot batches production
  • Contract manufacturing of commercial biologicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Contract manufacturing of biologicals and pharmaceuticals in bulk
  • Primary product packaging service
  • Secondary product packaging service
Veterinarski zavod Subotica - Contract manufacturing
Veterinarski zavod Subotica - Contract manufacturing

Under the guidance and experience of Labiana management, our common goal is to match synergies and offer a wide range of contract manufacturing options and services adapted to the needs of each international market and geographical area. Click here CDMO Services for more information about Labiana Contract Development and Manufacturing services.