Biological production


Manufacturing plants

Veterinarski Zavod Subotica has 2 manufacturing complexes (one in Subotica and one in Srpska Crnja with) with 7 manufacturing plants for manufactuing its own products as well as products for third parties.


Manufacturing complexes


Manufacturing plants

Subotica complex

Subotica complex is located in the north of Serbia next to Hungarian border, on the A1 motorway (E75 european route), 180 km from Belgrade international airport and 200 km from Budapest international airport.

Our Subotica complex includes 6 manufacturing plants and each of these is equipped with dedicated environmentally controlled and continuously monitored facilities and equipment. Each of these manufacturing facilities is specifically designed for the manufacture, blending, filling, packing and storage of different pharmaceutical forms of biologicals and pharmaceuticals.

Manufacturing plant Veterinarski Zavod Subotica
Manufacturing plant Veterinarski Zavod Subotica
  1. Liquid pharmaceutical forms manufacturing plant

    The facility is EU-GMP certified and covers an area of 717.06 m2 and has its own dedicated infrastructure. Authorized manufacturing operation include:

    • Injectable solutions (aseptically processed and/or terminally sterilized)
    • Infusion solutions (terminally sterilized)
    • Non-sterile oral solutions

  2. Bacterial vaccines manufacturing plant

    The facility for the production of inactivated bacterial vaccines was constructed and put into operation in 2014. It is EU-GMP certified and covers an area of 1,315.74 m2.

    In terms of layout, cleanliness class and air conditioning, the production space complies with EU GMP requirements (Annex 1 Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products and Annex 5 Manufacture of Immunological Veterinary Medicinal Products) as well as WHO Biosafety guidelines. Authorized manufacturing operation include aseptically processed veterinary biologicals:

    • Inactivated bacterial vaccines
    • Sera
    • Diagnostics
  3. Viral vaccines manufacturing plant

    The facility for the production of viral vaccines is GMP certified and covers an area of 889.87 m2. The production area enables two main types of virus cultivation:

    • on embryonated eggs
    • on tissue/cell cultures

    Authorized manufacturing operations include:

    • Inactivated viral vaccines
    • Live viral vaccines

    in the form of:

    • lyophilizate
    • solution for injection
    • emulsion for injection
    • suspension for injection

  4. Biocides manufacturing plant

    The biocides manufacturing plant consists of three physically separated facilities with a total area of 1760 m2. The process and technology of production in facilities differ depending on the type of biocidal products. Manufacturing operations include the production of:

    • Liquid disinfectants
    • Liquid insecticides
    • Solid insecticides and rodenticides

  5. Dermo-cosmetic products manufacturing plant

    The dermo-cosmetic products manufacturing plant covers the area of 205 m2. The facility has dedicated infrastructure while the layout and quality of production and storage space are harmonized with national regulations for the manufacture of products in the type of:

    • Ointments
    • Creams
    • Gels

  6. Dietary supplements and feed premixtures packaging facility

    Manufacturing plant for performing the activities of packaging and storage of feed supplements. The plant is arranged in compliance with HACCP system, which ensures feed/food safety at every step of the production process.

    Dispensing, weighing and primary and secondary packaging as well as storing of powdered dietary supplements, vitamin-mineral premixtures is performed in this facility.

    We have been awarded an official registration number as feed business αRS37643.

  7. Manufacturing plant Veterinarski Zavod Subotica
    Veterinarski Zavod Subotica
    Srpska Crnja Complex
  8. Solid pharmaceutical forms manufacturing plant

    Srpska Crnja is a village geographically located 110 km southeast of Subotica, directly alongside the Romanian border. The village is 100 km away from Novi Sad and 140 km from Belgrade international airport. The factory complex covers an area of around 3 ha, 2,069.0 m² of which are currently covered by industrial facilities.

    The production facility is EU-GMP certified and covers an area of 1,560.0 m². It was built in 1990. Production is carried out in two production lines:

    • A production line for the production of solid pharmaceutical dosage forms through a dry granulation process
    • A production line for the production of solid pharmaceutical dosage forms through a wet granulation process